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BounceBully is a free easy to use drag and drop interface for Outlook and OutlookExpress to bounce
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12 March 2004

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Bounce spam messages back to the spammers who sent them, making them think your email address is invalid. This may encourage some spammers to remove you from their spam lists. Punish spammers by sending a "hit" to there website that does not produce money for them. Find out where in the world the your latest spam message came from. Works with Outlook and Outlook Express. Simple drag and drop interface makes BounceBully easy to use.

User comments

Tried it with test emails - nothing bounced back. Didn`t work.
A Sang
I love this game
This software is junk. If you keep bouncing back to spammers, then your ip will be flagged for spamming as well. Spammers don`t know they`re spamming. Most of them are malicious software installed unknowingly on user`s computers, using fake aliases to send out spam. DON`T bounce back spam messages, it only doubles the junk on the net and set you up as the bad guy.
Only works with Outlook email clients. Emails have to be bounced one at a time. Completly crashes on every third email or so. After attempting to bounce several emails from a personal account(to test) I discovered it only bounces occasionally maybe one in five attempts.

This free program has no tech support. It is supposed to inspire you to pay for thier "upgraded" version called Spam Bully. Instead it scares me away from anything from their company. Dont waste your time with this one. Their are other programs out there that DO work.
email user
The fact that it only works in Outlook is already a downside. Outlook is my last choice for an email client.
I did manage to bounce an email sent from a personal account. I tried the "punish" and as far as I could see nothing happened.
I did not see any bugs as of yet.
I suppose if I want to use this I will have to use Outlook. Until I find something better.
I suspect it doesn`t work. Since it`s freeware, thus no tech support. There is a tutorial on the Bounce Bully Web site, but it only covers the process to bounce email and configure. Likewise, it`s easy to figure out after playing with it a while.

I say it doesn`t work because 1) I sent a test message using two personal email accounts and bounced them with Bounce Bully; nothing ever came back through email notifying of bounced email; 2) There is a "punish" option that resends the bounced articles up to 5x, or so I suppose. Nothing is really explained about it anywhere. Nevertheless, when activating the punish option, an application error dialog pops up. The dialog will not go away until an action is selected. The error dialog has several options: mail bug report (don`t know who it mails the report to (or god-knows what other information) the developer?); save bug report; view bug report (unless you`re a computer scientist, programmer or engineer, it`s Greek); continue application (won`t work as long as the error dialog is open (you read it right)); restart application (closes and restarts Bounce Bully, however the one just closed is still running in the background as evidenced by the icon in the system tray; and close application (seems to just that, as well as close those running in the system try, depending on how many restarts were done).

So, it`s hard to say. There is an upgrade to Spam Bully, which has the capabilities of Bounce Bully, but the licensing will run $29.95 a year.
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